Production/Ship Schedule February 2021 Business Update

Note from Owner Tammy - As of February 1st. 

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We are getting back to fairly normal production schedule in the New Year. Turn around time this month is 5-7 Days to get your TV Cover made and ready to ship from San Diego. 

While you wait for your Custom Cool TV Cover to be made and shipped you can protect your Mounted TV by draping a nice soft Beach Towel over the Top and drape it in front of the screen to help with light moisture and dust. If you think it's necessary, use Lawn Trash Bags over the towel  but don't seal it closed so much that moisture would get trapped. We know you have other options for TV Covers but we know we have the Highest Quality and Custom Options for you. It will be worth your wait, they are COOL!  

Thank you for your order. Stay Safe and Stay Well.

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