Do you have a Custom Logo?

Do you have your own logo or design?

Super Custom Design Fee ranges from $89 - $149 depending on difficulty of Logo/Design and can't be ordered through our Shopping Cart at this time.

If you have your own Logo/Design please email that to us for consideration and we will let you know, same business day, if it's something we can do. 
We Hand Cut Designs and Letters from the same Marine Grade Vinyl as the Custom Cool Cover, in order to keep the entire Cover Weather Resistant. Images are not ink jetted on.

Logos with lots of lettering like a Company name probable won't work. The Image of your logo may work, just not the Lettering or Sentences.

We'd like to see the image you're considering.
Please email your image to

Our Business Facebook Page and Instagram is a great place to view unusual and custom designs we've done over the years.