A/V Dealer Order Request

***For Approved A/V Dealers***

Copy/Paste all of the Questions listed below and add your answers. Take a few photos of the Mounted TV before you leave your clients property. Front, Side and Back Views if possible.  I may or may not request photos. 

Email Tammy sales@customcooltvcovers.com 

An Invoice with your A/V Dealer Discount will be sent back for your approval to charge card on file. 

1. TV Make and Model Number along with your Physical Measurement WxHxD of TV only. Don't include the Mount in your Depth Measurement.

2. What Type of Mount is being used? With Swing ARM, Flat Tilt Mount or Pole Mounted?

2. Do you want Minimal Back Fabric Coverage or will you be mounting the TV and providing the Detailed measurements for the Back opening? (See how on Home Page named HOW to Measure for Type Mount Used.)

3. Advise Solid Color TV Cover or with  Design and Design Color.

4. Your Company Name,  Billing and Shipping Address. (We never enclose an Invoice so if you'd like us to ship to your client, that is fine too.)

5. If there is a Sound Bar Attached please advise EXACT overall Height of TV with Sound Bar. 

6. Confirm that you have a minimum of 4" Clearance Above the TV and 4" Clearance Below the TV or below the mounted Sound Bar.

7. Always a good idea to snap photos of the mounted TV Front and Back before you leave client property and attach them with this email.

Please copy/paste all of the Questions above with your answers  and Email Tammy sales@customcooltvcovers.com 

Invoice will be E-Mailed to you immediately. If you don't hear from me within a few hours of normal Business day, please check your SPAM FOLDER and/or reach out to me again to ensure I've received your request to order.