How to Order

Step #1: Go to MEASUREMENTS LINK found at top of HOME page and submit FORM regarding TV and Mount Information.

Step #2: Go to PRODUCTS LINK found at top of HOME and have fun choosing Colors and Designs and Pay for your Custom Cool TV Cover.

Once you submit the measurement Form/Step #1 you will need to go back on our website to complete your order to design and pay for your Custom Cool TV Cover/Step #2. You will not automatically be sent to Step #2. 

 A copy of your Paid Invoice will be emailed to let you know we have  all the information required to get your order into production. We will also confirm expected Ship day at that time*** If we are concerned about missing information or feel you did not understand the instructions on what/how to measure we will be contacting you first by email, than by phone as a follow up. 

Last Step: Now relax and give us 2-3 Days to get your Custom Cool TV Cover made and ready to ship from San Diego, CA.  Thank you!

To request or view larger color Swatches see link found at bottom of page.

 QUESTIONS: or 858-762-4620

We are quick to respond by email to any of your questions concerns. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the Home page for more Information Links and Gallery photos.  Thank you for considering a Custom Cool TV Cover.