What type of fabric is used to make Outdoor Custom Cool TV Covers?

Marine Grade Vinyl. Same quality fabric that is used to line and make seat covers for High Dollar Boats.
Medium to light weight fabric which is easily placed on and off your TV and resists tearing.
Resistant to: Oil, stain, mildew, anti fungal, sulfide and salt water staining.
Ultra violet stability-Sun Guard Protective.
Cold cracking freeze resistant to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Threads are UV resistant.
Easily cleaned with with mild soap and water and we suggest 3M Vinyl Cleaner to help keep the material supply and shiny. See PRODUCTS page.

Do you make Outdoor Custom Cool TV Covers for TV’s, which are wall Mounted? 

Yes! You’ll be asked for your Mount Make / Model information along with your TV Make / Model information. See HOW TO MEASURE page.

Can you put any design on a Custom Cool TV Cover? 

There is an Additional Fee for New Design Templates to be made, starting at $99. Please email us the image for consideration.
Once we have your Image we will let you know, same day, if it's something we can do.

Will Outdoor Custom Cool TV Covers be Water Proof?

In most cases there is an Hole/Opening in the back of the Cover to accommodate a Wall Mount Attachment. Therefore we can’t say that the Covers are Waterproof. However the Marine Grade Vinyl used is Water Proof.

Do Custom Cool TV Covers have a soft inside lining?

All Outdoor Custom Cool TV Covers come with Padded/Water Wicking Lining on the inside front Cover. 

Is there a Velcro or Drawstring Closure on the Outdoor Custom Cool TV Cover?

Most Covers are made with a Velcro Closure in the back and Velcro Closure at the Bottom, but some situations don't allow for one or both of these options. 
If your TV won’t be Mounted on a wall mount your Cover will not require a Back Velcro Closure.

Will a Custom Cool TV Cover protect my Plasma or LCD TV from shorting out?

Outdoor Custom Cool TV Covers will help protect your TV from Light Moisture, Dust & Static, and they look nice when your TV is not in use, but they can’t prevent a short circuit problem.

How long does it take to have a Custom Cool TV Cover made?

Your Outdoor Custom Cool TV Cover would be ready to ship in 1-3 Days. Shipping is from San Diego, Priority Mail for most Covers under 40 Inches. Allow 2-3 business shipping days which includes Saturday delivery. Large Size Covers or multiple Cover orders may ship UPS Ground. Allow 3-5 business shipping days.

Can I order a Custom Cool TV Cover before I have my TV Mounted outside?

In order to make your Custom Cool TV Cover the best way possible, it’s best to wait until your TV is mounted. Once the TV is Mounted you will be able to give the appropriate measurement(s). See HOW TO MEASURE page.

If I give you the Mount Model number, can’t you get the measurements On-Line?

The measurement(s) needed vary based on the size TV, therefore measurements vary from customer to customer. The answer is NO. See HOW TO MEASURE page.

How do I protect my TV while I’m waiting for my Outdoor Custom Cool TV Cover?
Suggestions: Place a towel over the top. Wrap a Lawn Trash Bag around the TV-when TV is cool. Remove TV from Mount and bring inside.

What if my mount style is not pictured in your diagrams?
E-mail a picture of your mount to sales@customcooltvcovers.com or we can look up your mount model on-line and then tell you what measurement(s) we require.

Do you make a Custom Cool TV Cover to accommodate the Cable Box that I have attached to the back of the TV?

Yes, however, having the Cable Box mounted to the back of your TV will affect how we make your Custom Cool TV Cover. We will request photos and additional measurements once the order and pictures are received.

Note: Plasma TV’s are filled using a gas technology and will not withstand hot and cold environments. LCD TV’s are manufactured using liquid crystal technology, which is better for outdoor use.

Disclaimer: TV Covers are weather resistant but your TV’s are not weather proofed so moisture, humidity, and rain may enter the TV’s interior and cause the internal circuitry to short out. Don’t forget those pesky insects. Insects are a conductor of electricity and may cause a short circuit. It’s always a good idea to allow the Cover to “air out” on a good weather day, if you’ve not removed the Cover for entertainment purposes in awhile. Custom Cool TV Covers are designed to help protect your TV and enhance your outdoor decor while the TV is not in use. The cover will help keep dust and light moisture away from the TV. Covers are not meant to withstand direct rain, maintain warmth in below freezing temperatures or to keep cool in extreme heat. All information and suggestions are supplied in the expectations that our customers will make their own determination on how best to protect their outdoor TV, based on placement of outdoor TV and weather conditions. In no case will Custom Cool TV Covers be responsible for damage to TV.